畢業於國立臺灣藝術大學美術系研究所。創作類型除了影像專 題,也積極運用不同類型及複合媒材特殊的並置狀態,進行異質空間的思考創作,包括2010- 2018年《After》,2010-2013年《Shoot》系列,2013年《南科公共藝術計畫》等。曾獲得數個 攝影類及複媒類國家級奬項,並受邀IWP A全球巡展、中國麗水國際攝影節、英國貝爾法斯特 國際攝影節、連州國際攝影年展、新加坡­國際攝影節雙年展、韓國水原、泰國清邁及東歐斯洛 維尼亞等國際攝影節展出。
目前是一個跨領域藝術工作者、為你設計公司負責人,居住和工作 於台灣新北市。
Shu-Chen Chen was born in Pingtung, Taiwan, in 1965.
She graduation the MFA program of National Taiwan University of Arts as the top candidate through the recommendation-selection program. Her works involve photography, and the combination of different media, exploring the heterogeneous spaces including "After" 2010-2018,"Shoot" 2010-2013, and "Proposal to the Public Artwork in Southern Taiwan Science Park " 2014. She was invited to exhibit her works in the” IWPA” 2018 The Finalist World Tour and Lishui Photography Festival, Belfast Photo Festival, 5th Singapore International Photography Festival, Suwon International Photo Festival, f/28 The Chiang Mai Month of Photography, and Photonic Moments 2016 at Slovenia. 
She is the founder of U-Design Corp and currently works as a multi-media artist. She lives and works in New Taipei City, Taiwan ​​​​​​​
2018 東京藝術大學
2018 國際女性攝影獎全球巡展
2017 麗水國際攝影節
2017 紐約 女性攝影展
2016 連洲國際攝影年展
2016 第五屆新加坡國際攝影節
2016 克拉科夫城市,波蘭
2016 斯洛維尼亞國際攝影節
2016 泰國清邁國際攝影節
2015 韓國水原國際攝影節
2015 台灣藝術家博覽會
2015 台灣全國美展

2018 Tokyo University of the Arts
2018 International Women Photographer Award (IWPA)
2017 Lishui Photography Festival, China
2017 /Female Trouble/Issue No.02, New York 
2017 Belfast Photo Festival, England
2016 Lianzhou Foto 2016, China
2016 5th Singapore International Photography Festival, Singapore
2016 URBAN 2016 Photo Award, Poland /Krakow
2016 Photonic Moments 2016, Slovenia
2016 f/28 The Chiang Mai Month of Photography, Thailand
2015 Suwon International Photo Festival, Korea
2015 2015Artist Fair, Taiwan
2015 2015National Art Exhibition, Taiwan
2015 Emerging Photographers in Taiwan
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